Exercises to Help Sciatica

Those who suffer with sciatica describe this symptom as a mild to intense pain that is experienced mostly in one leg making standing or sitting nearly impossible.Ā  Sciatica can be debilitating and there is no need to suffer when there are options to help. Causes of Sciatica Sciatica could be a symptom of a pinched read full article

Enzymes and Your Health

Many of us have heard how our body needs enzymes but what exactly are enzymes and why is it our body must have enzymes? Enzymes can be defined as being catalysts, substances that cause a chemical reaction to move faster. They are the catalysts of biochemical reactions in living organisms which includes the formation, breakdown, read full article

Exercise for Bone Health

Everyone knows that exercise is good for your body, helping with everything from weight loss, reducing the risk of heart disease, boosting your mood, to improving self-esteem. Did you know that exercise also plays a very important role in maintaining bone health? Along with getting proper nutrition, exercise is one of the most important factors read full article