Anyone who has had tennis elbow knows that it is a very uncomfortable condition.  It is also known as lateral epicondylitis and it results from overuse or strain of the tendon that attaches the bony outside of the elbow to the muscles in the forearm.  Many tennis players end up getting this condition – hence the name – but it is definitely possible to get it if you don’t play tennis. Basically, any type of activity that requires you to grip something repetitively can result in tennis elbow.  One of the several treatments that are often used to combat tennis elbow is known as the Graston Technique. How It Works The Graston Technique utilizes various stainless steel instruments to physically break down scar tissue in different parts of the body.  Pressure is applied with the steel instrument and moved in such a way that the underlying tissue is released and broken Continue reading →

Lower back pain has a few primary causes and a growing number of people in the general population are feeling its effects everyday.  Lower back pain can encompass everything from the occasional twinge to the intense, searing kind of pain that keeps you in bed all day. Luckily, there are exercises that can usually help keep your lower back loose and keep you active.  It’s important to follow the instructions given by yourphysiotherapist for the quickest results, but here are some of the most effective lower back exercises you can do. Abdominal Strengthening It’s no secret that stronger abdominal muscles can help to ease lower back pain a lot of the time.  That’s not to say you should start peeling off the crunches or sit-ups if you have a low back injury, but some type of ab strengthening exercises will likely be part of your physiotherapy routine. Some of the common Continue reading →