When your knees are your life, you want the best. When your knee is going through rehabilitation after a knee injury, you want the best. But most importantly, you want to protect and support the knee joint and a DonJoy knee brace will provide all the security you need. History DonJoy is a company that was started in a garage by a Philadelphia Eagles’ captain and a lawyer in 1978. In 1980, they released a 4-point knee brace that was an of off-the-shelf rigid support device. It immediately was in high demand. By 1995, they acquired a leading orthopedic soft goods company. In 2007 they became a privately held company still very much involved in the orthopedic industry. Today they are the largest orthopedic rehabilitation company, located worldwide and have more than 1,000 products. With their long history in the field, it’s no wonder they produced the best customized DonJoy Continue reading →

With modern day stresses and poor lifestyle choices, more people are suffering from depression and anxiety. These mental health conditions are still considered a stigma, so many people refrain from seeking the right treatments. And, when they do seek treatment, Western medicine advocates the use of strong drugs that can have adverse side effects. The good news is there is a way to treat depression and anxiety without resorting to drugs. This treatment is acupuncture. And, there is scientific evidence (clinical trials) to show acupuncture for depression and anxiety can bring desirable results.