Do you walk, run, stand a lot, or otherwise use your feet often? Many people do. Unfortunately, for some, simply using their feet can turn into an exercise in pain and discomfort. That pain and discomfort can cause you to stop doing the things you enjoy. It can cause you to not want to do the things you have to do. Custom made orthotics can help treat foot pain, but you should know more about it. What are Orthotics? Orthotics represents a medical specialty. It concerns itself with creating orthotic devices, which help align parts of your body. In this case, a foot orthotic will look something like a shoe insert. However, it’s important that you understand there’s a major difference between a professionally designed custom made orthotics, and an off-the-shelf commercial shoe insert.  Difference between a Shoe Insert and Custom Orthotics Orthotic devices are created specifically for you, and Continue reading →

Should you use hot or cold for muscle pain? Some people will tell you to exclusively use hot therapy, whereas others will suggest applying ice to a sore area. So which is right? Fortunately, there is an answer to this question that will guide you in the right direction: It depends! Both hot and cold therapy are useful for treating muscle pain. Whether you need hot or cold for muscle pain depends on the nature of the issue that is causing the pain in the first place. Let’s look at this in more detail: When you would need cold treatment for muscle pain Cold treatment is an excellent treatment for recently injured or inflamed muscles. This is due to the fact that inflammation restricts blood flow, which is necessary to promote faster healing; cold treatment reduces said inflammation. Also, cold treatment also helps to reduce pain by slowing down the pain receptors Continue reading →