Sciatica is a pain that only those who have experienced it can really understand. Not only can the level of pain be excruciating, but it can also affect movement and your ability to continue with day to day life. However, the picture is not all negative. The first step to improving your life is understanding the causes of sciatica and begin looking into the different treatment options that are available.

The variety of information (and misinformation) from the media and advice from well-meaning friends can make healthy eating a challenge. Many people are unsure how to lose weight, lower their cholesterol, or improve their health. As everyone is different, there is no standard solution when it comes to diet, which is why working with a dietician can be so beneficial. Before you can decide whether seeking the services of a dietician is the right option for you, however, you need to know: what does a dietician do?  What Does a Dietician Do? Registered Dieticians are experts in food nutrition. They are highly qualified to counsel and support clients who are looking to make changes to their diet, whether to become healthier or to reduce the risk of nutrition-related conditions such as obesity and high cholesterol. In other words, dieticians use the science of nutrition to address everyday problems. Their main Continue reading →

Because the Active Release Technique is fairly young, many people have either ignored it or never heard of it. As a muscle massage and chiropractic technique, it can offer huge benefits to those that need it. Before dismissing it, you should learn more about it. You may find that it can help you in numerous ways. What are Active Release Techniques (ART)? ART is a patented technique designed to help with soft tissue problems including pain, hindrance of motion and damage. Soft tissue damage involves your ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The main issue with soft tissue damage is that it can go unnoticed or people will accept it as a part of their day-to-day living. One of the most familiar forms of soft tissue damage is whiplash. In cases of whiplash, you may not notice the damage until much later. And when you do notice the pain, you may assume Continue reading →