There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation associated with acupuncture. Many people have no idea of the sheer amount of positive applications for acupuncture. If you wonder, “what does acupuncture treat,” then you are most likely in for a surprise. There’s a veritable laundry list of conditions that acupuncture can help treat. Acupuncture on its own is very effective for some things, but it’s also possible to use it with other treatments as well. Instead of attempting to list every condition and disorder, it’s easier to just look at the categories that acupuncture helps with.   General Pain Management Acupuncture excels mostly at pain management. This goes for any type of pain. Since many disorders come with particular types of pain, acupuncture can help you manage that pain. What’s the cause of your pain? Bodily injury Neck and back Migraines and headaches Arthritis, Carpal tunnel Source-less chronic pains Pain Continue reading →

  The shoulder rub. We almost don’t notice when people in movies and on TV ask for one, or give one, it’s so ubiquitous a feature of portrayals of stress. One character’s up-tight, another steps behind them and kneads the muscles at the base of their neck; blissful expressions all round, and whatever the problem is, it’s lessened. But is there any truth to this, any fire beneath the smoke? We recommend you try a shoulder and neck massage, given by a professional therapist. We think you’ll notice it then!   The “Shoulder Rub” The neck and shoulder area of the human body can accrue a great deal of the physical symptoms of stress and tension, more than any other place in most people. This can lead directly to tension headaches, and stiffness all across the upper-body. Massaging the whole region can loosen taut muscles, immediately reducing tightness and increasing Continue reading →