Shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis is undeniably the most effective treatment method for those struggling with the condition. Shockwave therapy delivers physical waves which are transmitted into the affected area; this is different than other similar therapies, as many utilize electric shocks which can be painful. When shockwaves are transmitted into the foot, blood circulation and metabolism is stimulated, which encourages your body to work to repair itself. This then allows the healing process to be accelerated, especially for those with healing systems working at a slower rate.

If you’ve had a rotator cuff injury, it may seem counter-intuitive to exercise between your physio treatments. However doing so is actually essential to healing. If you have shoulder pain that doesn’t go away, including weakness when you try to lift, that may worsen with activity, make sure you receive appropriate diagnosis and treatment from a qualified professional before you try to do any exercises. Failing to diagnose your injury as soon as you notice consistent pain can make an injury much worse.