Muscle issues can range in severity, from a minor nuisance to something that makes it impossible for you to function. One of the most effective treatments for muscle issues is chiropractic treatment. Here is how seeing a chiropractor can help you with a variety of muscle issues: Rotator cuff issues The tiny muscles in your shoulder are part of what is known as the rotator cuff. When the bones and tissue in your shoulder are out of alignment, your rotator cuff becomes venerable to damage; in many cases, this damage is caused by the bones pinching or scraping up against soft tissue. With a professional chiropractic treatment series, a rotator cuff can be put back in alignment, alleviating current issues and preventing future ones. Lower back pain An estimated 8 in 10 people suffer from lower back pain on a regular basis; this makes it one of the most pandemic muscle issues on Continue reading →

Car accidents, falls, sports injuries and similar incidents often result in whiplash. When whiplash occurs, it can be difficult to walk, stand, sit or even lay in your own bed. This is because whiplash is not just a jolt, and it causes serious damage to your bones, joints, muscles and other soft tissues. The key to full recovery from whiplash injury is proper treatment. At Chiro-Med, a combination of treatments is used to create a faster, more effective whiplash treatment solution. This includes the following: