Injuries are a sore point for many Canadians. As the 5th leading cause of death for Canadians of all ages, injuries are inflicting scars that don’t heal easily for people from all walks of life. Incurring billions of dollars in out-of-pocket expense for sufferers each year in terms of treatment and loss of wages, various types of injuries make it difficult for the afflicted to function normally in everyday life. Thankfully inventive tools and pin-pointed care can address the needs of the populace. Kinesiology taping is one method of treatment that has been easing pain for decades. Now more regularly touted in therapeutic venues, kinesiology taping is relieving numerous types of pain and improving the lives of many. Whether you are a professional athlete in need of muscle support or have a child who suffers from joint pain, relief is possible. What is kinesiology taping? Simply put, it is a Continue reading →

Tennis elbow is a painful affliction that affects the tendons in the elbow joint. It can be caused by overuse of the arm, commonly your dominant arm. The damage is focused around the muscles and tendons outside of the elbow joint, causes noticeable pain, and can limit your range of motion. Despite the name you don’t have to play tennis to get tennis elbow. Many other athletes and people who work with their hands can get this ailment. When looking at how to treat tennis elbow there are a multitude of at home and professional options. How to Treat Tennis Elbow: At Home When looking at how to treat tennis elbow you’ll soon discover there are several at home methods you can use to alleviate your pain. These methods should seem very familiar if you’ve ever had any muscle injuries in the past. Basic at home treatment methods include the following. Continue reading →