Neck aches and pains are a common ailment in our busy world. After a long day at the office, a busy day around the house, or a particularly serious work out a stiff neck is not an unexpected outcome. Luckily neck pain is easily treatable at home. The following neck pain treatment methods can alleviate pain and aid in recovery. Neck Pain Treatment: Five Tips Rest One of the best methods to assist in recovery is to allow yourself time to heal. When first notice neck pains take two or three days off from heavy work or exercise to allow for recovery. Keep your neck well supported and apply occasional light messages to keep the muscles lose. Once your neck muscles have had time to heal slowly start exercising again. A recovery period followed by a gradual reintroduction of exercises speeds up the overall healing process. Using Cold And / Or Continue reading →

Did you know that acupuncture, which involves a few tiny needles, could actually improve your health? For over 2500 people have been receiving acupuncture treatments for a variety of ailments; for many athletes and people suffering with chronic pain acupuncture is critical to their treatment plans. The top 8 benefits of acupuncture can help you to improve your health too. Muscle Repair and Musculoskeletal Pain Benefits of acupuncture extend to muscle repair caused by sports injuries. Whether a strain or a sprained muscle or tendon leaves you limping, acupuncture will help to relax muscles to reduce swelling, tension and pain. Acupuncture is equally effective in treating musculoskeletal pain like lower back or joint pain that stems from poor posture, repetitive stress injury or other causes. Stress Reduction Acupuncture reduces stress considerably, making it an excellent therapy for relaxation. One excellent side benefit of any acupuncture treatment is that because it reduces stress, it Continue reading →