Kinesio taping is a method of therapy that allows athletes, those in chronic pain, and those dealing with injuries to find pain relief and healing. Developed in 1980 by Dr. Kase, Kinesio Tape started as an add-on method of therapy, but has since become its own legitimate healing treatment. How Does Kinesio Tape Work?  Kinesio taping helps the body correct its own joint and muscle issues simply by stimulating certain systems and encouraging proper bodily functions. Typically, harsh medications and treatments can be avoided with the assistance of Kinesio Tape. Here are four main ways that Kinesio Taping treats injuries: Supports the Affected Muscle or Muscle Group  Usually, a certain muscle or group of muscles is more susceptible to pain and inflammation. Some people know they have knee issues. Others have weak calf muscles. Perhaps you’ve injured your shoulder in the past. Whatever it is that ails you, Kinesio Tape Continue reading →

When you hear the term registered dietitian, most people imagine weight loss assistance. However, not only do such professionals help maintain an optimal weight goal, the work of a dietitian actually encompasses a much wider scope than just that. Here are a couple important services that registered dietitians offer to improve your health in big ways. Personalization and Tailoring When it comes to healthy nutrition, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. A registered dietitian will analyze health and individual preferences, then base a highly-customized meal plan on this information. In many ways, dietitians are like investigators. They’ll take a complete medical history, ask lifestyle questions and even request bloodwork to determine the specific needs of a client. A person who suffers from insulin resistance doesn’t have the same nutritional needs as someone with a fast-metabolic rate. Optimal nutrition is all about providing the body with the necessary nutrients and Continue reading →