Shockwave therapy offers an exciting, non-invasive alternative to surgery. Shockwave Therapy or SWT works by producing acoustic waves that carry high energy to musculoskeletal tissues and painful areas using a physical shock rather than an electric one.   Shockwave therapy allows for faster healing and regeneration of the tissue and can be applied to patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. At Chiro-Med Rehab Centre we utilize the Zimmer Shockwave Therapy System.   Time   One of the exciting benefits of Shock Wave Therapy is the limited time you will need to invest in the sessions. Generally, sessions last from between five to ten minutes depending on your level of discomfort or pain during the treatment. Of course, the intensity can be adjusted at the beginning of the session, and each patient has a slightly different reaction and pain threshold. We recommend a course of four to eight sessions in Continue reading →

Osteoarthritis of the knee is often an irreversible and degenerative condition. Two processes are most commonly involved. The cartilage in the joints breaks down and osteophytes or abnormal bony growths, also known as bone spurs, develop. This leads to stiffness, joint pain, and abnormal joint function. Early treatment interventions can be beneficial. Let’s explore your best options available from the Richmond Hill Chiro-Med Rehab Centre.   Physiotherapy   Our first step is to explore the biomechanical issues that may be contributing to the osteoarthritis knee pain. Then we can develop a graduated program of knee strengthening and stretching exercises that will support the knee joints through greater flexibility and develop the muscles around the knee in order to build those muscles and reduce the cartilage loss. Once you have a regular routine in place, you can perform the exercises at home.   Modifying Your Exercise Routine   It’s important for Continue reading →