Head pain is a daily occurrence for many people and can interfere with the ability to do your job, perform everyday tasks, and generally enjoy life. There is a wide spectrum of reasons individuals may experience head pain. However, the link between physiotherapy and head pain has been firmly established, and the medical community is beginning to give greater research time and attention to the very common and distressing phenomenon of head pain. Common Types of Head Pain   There are a variety of different head pains you may experience. The most common is known as a primary headache and can be chronic or episodic. With this type of a headache, the pain in your head is the problem and cannot be attributed to other causes that your body is dealing with. Tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraines are counted among primary headaches.   Secondary headaches are an indication that Continue reading →

If you have foot, knee, hip or back pain, chances are you’ve been told that custom orthotics could provide you relief. The feet are our one point of connection with the ground and hold up our entire musculoskeletal system. Taking good care of your feet is an investment in body wellness. So how do custom orthotics offer relief for lower back pain?   Realignment   Custom orthotics are made especially for the shape of your foot. Your posture, gait ,and foot shape are all examined so that we can design a custom orthotic to suit your body and your lifestyle. Orthotics realign the body by changing the way your feet interact with the ground. This produces a knock on effect, which can alter your posture, which can then alleviate the lower back pain you suffer as a result of your body compensating for the way the feet interact with the Continue reading →