Whether you play sports leisurely or are a die-hard athlete, common sports injuries are almost inevitable. Be it a new injury, chronic pain, or a recurring condition; sports injuries can be debilitating and impact your overall quality of life. Typically, common sports injuries impact the musculoskeletal system, including the following areas of the body:   Muscles Joints Ligaments Connective Tissue   However, with the right preventative measures and professional treatment, you can help fend off sports injuries and get back into your routine sooner rather than later. Use the following preventative tips and treatment measures to keep yourself healthy and safe:   What Are the Most Common Sports Injuries?   Knee ligament injuries: Whether you’re a runner, a yogi, or a football player, you can be plagued by a complex knee ligament injury. These injuries are quite painful and limit the mobility of the injured individual. According to WebMD, depending Continue reading →

Massage therapy is more than just a relaxing service at a spa. When used strategically, massage therapy can help you feel relaxed mentally, help your body heal, and benefit your health in ways you may not expect.   Whether you’re looking to target a specific area of your body or combine massage therapy with other forms of natural pain relief, massage therapy in Newmarket can help you find comfort in your body once again.   What Is Massage Therapy?   According to the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, massage therapy utilizes hands-on movement of your body’s soft tissues. In specific, a massage therapist will work to manipulate your tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, and connective tissues.   By impacting the circulatory, nervous, and muscular systems of your body, massage therapy can help you improve physical functioning, minimize stress, and improve your overall wellbeing.   Massage Therapy Can Help Improve Your Continue reading →