10 Best Home Remedies for Knee Pain Relief

Ever since the pandemic started, many of us spent these past number of weeks cooped up inside our houses. With our regular activities severely limited, we are getting less physical exercise than usual. The lack of mobility has affected various parts of our bodies negatively, including our knees. Over these past months, your knee pain may have gotten worse, and you could require ongoing physiotherapy services for recuperation. Severe knee pain, chronic knee pain, and serious knee injuries should be examined by a professional. However, mild to moderate knee pain can also be treated at home.Ā  practical and sensible. Here are the top ten home remedies for knee pain that you should try out: Remedy #1: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation (RICE) Minor knee strains and sprains can be effectively treated at home using the RICE method, which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. This is a great home remedy Continue reading →