What Causes a Stiff Neck on One Side?

Your neck is the body part responsible for supporting your head. It consists of bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments to give movement in several directions. We tend to take the neck for granted because it is always working in the background, protecting our spinal cord with vertebrae and discs. Unfortunately, many of us don’t dedicate enough care to our necks, leading to injuries, strains, and stiffness. When your neck is strained, overused, or injured, it can become stiff and painful. Losing mobility in your neck is challenging, especially when combined with soreness and aching. While you should always pay attention to any pain in your body, a stiff neck doesn’t get treated with much priority. People tend to let the stiff neck pain work itself out, which may sometimes go away on its own. If the stiffness becomes uncomfortable, you should seek professional help. A chiropractor has experience in treating neck stiffness Continue reading →