6 Common Pulled Neck Muscle Symptoms

Neck pain might occur for various reasons. Sometimes, it’s because you overexert yourself with exercises or physical labour. Other times, your neck might become strained due to poor posture and an uncomfortable sleeping position. Another possible explanation is that you pulled a neck muscle, which can cause a great deal of pain. You may experience a pulled muscle in the side of the neck. Similarly, there may be a pulled muscle between your neck and shoulder. Either way, it’s crucial to treat this injury with care and diligence. First, visit a chiropractor to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Afterwards, allow your pulled muscle to heal and avoid activities that aggravate the condition. How do you know if you injured your neck? Your body may give various signals that indicate when there’s an injury. Check out these six different types of pulled neck muscle symptoms: Symptom #1: Neck pain Continue reading →

How to Heal a Strained Back

Back pain is more common than you think. A strained back happens when the muscles that hold the bones in the spinal column stretch too far, causing tears in the tissues. Activities like improper lifting, intense exercise, and repetitive muscle movement can lead to a strained back. Other factors like poor posture and low fitness can also increase the risk of pulling your back muscles. When you have a strained back, look out for signs like a reduced range of motion. The symptoms can make daily activities like sitting, walking, and sleeping uncomfortable. Since back strains make it strenuous to move, prolonged pain may lower your bone density and cause excessive weight gain. If you notice muscle spasms or increased pain with every movement, consult a chiropractor right away. Are you wondering what to do after straining your back? With time and care, it’s possible to alleviate the pain and recover from Continue reading →