What Is Second Impact Syndrome: Signs & Symptoms

A concussion is a severe condition. After your first concussion, you may experience dizziness, headaches, and slower reaction times. These symptoms put you at greater risk of incurring another concussion. There may be complications if you encounter another blow to the head following your first incident. The consequences are also known as second impact syndrome. Second impact syndrome (SIS) is when an individual experiences a second head injury before fully recovering from a prior incident. The brain swells rapidly as a response to the second concussion. Within minutes, an otherwise healthy person can die after suffering the blow. Although rare, SIS is most often fatal. Those who do not die from it are typically left disabled. The best treatment for second impact syndrome is prevention. After suffering from a concussion, the patient should complete the recovery process without aggravating the condition. Avoid settings that could lead to another blow to Continue reading →