What Is an Intention Tremor: Causes and Treatment

An intention tremor describes an involuntary type of trembling. This condition intensifies as you make a deliberate movement toward an object. Other debilitating symptoms may accompany the tremor, impacting posture, balance, and motor coordination. An intention tremor can feel alarming, especially if it’s your first experience. Intention tremors occur due to cerebellar dysfunction. It affects coordinated movements of the limbs or muscles. This condition has similarities to rubral, cerebellar, and course tremors, so there may be overlaps in the symptoms. You should consult a medical professional for a comprehensive diagnosis. In addition, you may follow up with a chiropractor for ongoing treatments. This guide covers more information about intention tremors, their causes, and possible treatment solutions. What is an intention tremor? An intention tremor is an involuntary trembling that worsens as you move toward an item. It can occur in various body parts, but roughly three-quarters happen in the arms or legs. Continue reading →