You might have heard of compression hosiery, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you. Surprisingly, compression garments like hosiery can help with a multitude of conditions, ranging from diabetes to tired, aching legs. If you have any of the following conditions, you should ask your doctor what kind of compression hosiery might be right for you: Diabetes Compression is used to alleviate some of the leg swelling many Canadian diabetics are prone to. Usually, for diabetes, gradient hosiery is used, which helps counteract impaired leg vein valves. With gradient compression, the hosiery is tightest around the ankle then gradually lessens as it reaches the top of the leg. Not only does it reduce the amount of edema or swelling diabetics face, but it also greatly reduces the chance of a blood clot in the lower legs, something diabetics are especially prone to. Lower Back Pain If you’re struggling with Continue reading →

Lower back pain can often cause considerable interference with daily living, including the ability to work, to attend to daily errands, or to work out. Most adults will at some point have to manage back pain. Fortunately, treating lower back pain has come a long way. One treatment that you might not have yet tried that is non-invasive, safe and easy, is simply waking up each morning and putting on a pair of compression hosiery.