In the world of injuries, rehabilitation and disability claims, there are a lot of different terms that come into play.  Rehabilitation can involve many different types of assessments and exercises, schedules and planning, so there’s bound to be a lot to cover.  One term that’s used quite a lot is functional capacity evaluation. The Definition What is a functional capacity evaluation?  It’s an assessment designed to measure and objectively quantify a person’s ability to perform certain kinds of activities.  An FCE as it is known, measures an individual’s functional ability to perform both personal and occupational tasks. Generally, a functional capacity evaluationconsists of a series of tests to measure things like gross dexterity, flexibility, walking ability, balance, lifting ability, bending, fine dexterity and more. Why Do We Need Functional Capacity Evaluations? A functional capacity evaluation may be ordered to help make a disability determination or to direct the rehabilitation of someone who has Continue reading →