What Is an Intention Tremor: Causes and Treatment

An intention tremor describes an involuntary type of trembling. This condition intensifies as you make a deliberate movement toward an object. Other debilitating symptoms may accompany the tremor, impacting posture, balance, and motor coordination. An intention tremor can feel alarming, especially if it’s your first experience. Intention tremors occur due to cerebellar dysfunction. It affects coordinated movements of the limbs or muscles. This condition has similarities to rubral, cerebellar, and course tremors, so there may be overlaps in the symptoms. You should consult a medical professional for a comprehensive diagnosis. In addition, you may follow up with a chiropractor for ongoing treatments. This guide covers more information about intention tremors, their causes, and possible treatment solutions. What is an intention tremor? An intention tremor is an involuntary trembling that worsens as you move toward an item. It can occur in various body parts, but roughly three-quarters happen in the arms or legs. Continue reading →

Head pain is a daily occurrence for many people and can interfere with the ability to do your job, perform everyday tasks, and generally enjoy life. There is a wide spectrum of reasons individuals may experience head pain. However, the link between physiotherapy and head pain has been firmly established, and the medical community is beginning to give greater research time and attention to the very common and distressing phenomenon of head pain. Common Types of Head Pain   There are a variety of different head pains you may experience. The most common is known as a primary headache and can be chronic or episodic. With this type of a headache, the pain in your head is the problem and cannot be attributed to other causes that your body is dealing with. Tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraines are counted among primary headaches.   Secondary headaches are an indication that Continue reading →

Chances are you’ve suffered with lower back pain. You might have strained it while lifting heavy boxes or maybe you have no idea why the pain started. About 80 percent of Canadians will deal with back pain at some point in their adult lives. Luckily, the vast majority of cases are not debilitating and can be treated without surgery or other invasive procedures. Many cases of lower back pain can be successfully treated with other options including physiotherapy. Many people avoid getting a diagnosis for their lower back pain for a variety of reasons. In many cases, the pain comes and goes. The pain may lessen when changing positions, or a stiff lower back might loosen up after moving around in the morning. However, living with recurring or chronic back pain can take a heavy toll on a person’s quality of life, including missed workdays, avoiding healthy exercise and missing Continue reading →

Contrary to common opinion, you don’t need to have a severe or debilitating injury to take advantage of the benefits of physiotherapy. There are many less dramatic signs, which indicate that you could use a physiotherapy session. Not Sleeping Well When pain affects your sleep it’s time for to see a physiotherapist. Whether you have difficulty falling asleep, are awoken throughout the night by minor pain and discomfort, or just cannot get comfortable during the night, you needn’t suffer in silence. Physiotherapy sessions can make your body less stressed and relaxed. A Pain Problem When you have a pain that simply will not go away or comes and goes, and the pain is interfering with your enjoyment of basic and simple movements, a physiotherapist can help. Physiotherapy can improve your range of motion and overall mobility while helping to alleviate your pain. Pain from Sitting at Your Desk When you Continue reading →

  According to the journal, Radiology, a single concussion could result in lasting brain damage. With anywhere between 10% and 20% of all athletes suffering a concussion each season, it’s important to have complete concussion management to prevent devastatingly permanent or even fatal brain injuries. The following information explains a concussion, and the steps to go through in order to complete concussion management, reducing its effects. What is a Concussion? A concussion or mild traumatic brain injury is a difficult process affecting the impulse or acceleration forces delivered to the brain. Concussions can cause a myriad of effects. However, concussions most commonly cause temporary dysfunction in the nerves, which results in the athlete’s nerves not working properly, causing symptoms such as: – Head pressure – Headaches – Vomiting or Nausea – Neck pain – Blurred vision – Dizziness – Sensitivity to light or noise – Problems with balance – Feelings Continue reading →

Sports injuries require immediate professional assistance and intervention, as well as the implementation of a viable and tailored physiotherapy program. If you live in the Richmond Hill area, and are seeking , here are some very important facts that you should know about physiotherapy and how it can help with your sports-related injury. Physiotherapy is the physical rehabilitation of the body aiming to develop, maintain, and restore maximum function and movement for individuals. Richmond Hill physiotherapy services are available not only for sports injury, but also in circumstances where function and movement are affected by aging, disease, or environmental factors. There is no predetermined period for how long physiotherapy should last since every treatment is made to be unique. Physiotherapy plans emulate one’s specific age, symptoms, complaints, health history, and diagnosis, and so on. Plus, it should be taken into account the fact that each person responds differently to treatment, Continue reading →

Physical rehabilitation to regain your flexibility and alleviate pain. The need for physical rehabilitation may seem obvious when you have sustained a severe wound that requires surgery or other medical treatment, but what do you do when you present no apparent physical injury but you continue to experience pain in different areas of your body? The effects of minor auto injury and whiplash are initially bearable and the pain is not severe enough to be hospitalized. Many people do not even consider seeking professional help in case of such injuries. The question is: do you really need physical rehabilitation at this point? Yes, you do, and it is a big mistake not to inquire about professional help and allow the pain to become chronic. There are people who continue to suffer from pain or dysfunction years after a so called minor accident injury. There are others who face new symptoms in addition to Continue reading →

Back pain can really slow you down and turn any task into an obstacle. Relieving that pain will allow you to go about your day, so knowing what options you have for back pain relief treatment is very important. Here are some of the options you can choose from to treat your back pain: At-Home Relief MethodsRest When you have back pain it is important to rest your muscles so that they are not strained. Ice or heat Choose whatever is most comfortable for you. Both heat and ice will break up the pain-spasm in your back. Anti-inflammatory drug Take an anti-inflammatory to help reduce the inflammation and pain in your back (please consult with your physician first). Follow with applying heat or ice to the area to soothe muscles and tissue. Physiotherapy Physiotherapy employs many methods that will help relieve your back pain. A therapeutic ultrasound will help with healing the muscle Continue reading →

Physiotherapy is used to help restore movement and normal function back to the body in cases of injury, disability, and illness. Each individual case is different in how it has affected the body and therefore the time that someone will need physiotherapy treatment can vary. Individuals that will experience long treatments have a few things in common: • They have had the condition for a long time. They may have been born with a problem or held off dealing with it for a while so it will take longer to cure. • Patients who do not visit their physiotherapist frequently and neglect their stretching and exercising at home will extend their physiotherapy treatment time. • Other factors that will lead to a longer physiotherapy treatment are your age and medical history. Being older can impact your healing as your bones and muscles are more sensitive and weak. Your medical history impacts your Continue reading →