Shockwave therapy offers an exciting, non-invasive alternative to surgery. Shockwave Therapy or SWT works by producing acoustic waves that carry high energy to musculoskeletal tissues and painful areas using a physical shock rather than an electric one.   Shockwave therapy allows for faster healing and regeneration of the tissue and can be applied to patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. At Chiro-Med Rehab Centre we utilize the Zimmer Shockwave Therapy System.   Time   One of the exciting benefits of Shock Wave Therapy is the limited time you will need to invest in the sessions. Generally, sessions last from between five to ten minutes depending on your level of discomfort or pain during the treatment. Of course, the intensity can be adjusted at the beginning of the session, and each patient has a slightly different reaction and pain threshold. We recommend a course of four to eight sessions in Continue reading →

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful medical condition that affects thousands of people every year. The primary symptom of this condition is severe pain in the foot, particularly the heel area. Typically, it’s painful when getting out of bed in the morning or getting up after sitting for a long time. For some, the pain goes away after a few minutes of walking, however the pain could also persist for hours to an entire day as well. There are many plantar fasciitis treatment options available, but one that is becoming increasingly popular is Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT). ESWT Therapy ESWT is a medical treatment option that uses shock waves to treat various musculoskeletal ailments, such as tennis elbow, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. There are two types of ESWT treatment options, including low energy and high energy. Low energy uses a lower level of pressure waves, so the patient feels little Continue reading →

Shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis is undeniably the most effective treatment method for those struggling with the condition. Shockwave therapy delivers physical waves which are transmitted into the affected area; this is different than other similar therapies, as many utilize electric shocks which can be painful. When shockwaves are transmitted into the foot, blood circulation and metabolism is stimulated, which encourages your body to work to repair itself. This then allows the healing process to be accelerated, especially for those with healing systems working at a slower rate.

Many specialists consider extracorporeal shock wave therapy, also referred to as ESWT, a breakthrough treatment for pain management and mobility restoration. With an excellent success rate, this form of therapy can be used to treat a series of conditions, including fractures, Achilles tendon, calcaneal spur (heel spur), calcific tendinitis (rotator cuff), lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), bursitis, renal calculi (kidney stones), and even scars and non-healing ulcers. Defined as a non-invasive procedure that works by delivering pulses of energy in form of radial sound waves, ESWT initiates a rapid inflammatory response in the tissue. The normal physiological reaction to inflammation is vasodilatation, which increases blood flow within the affected area of the body, stimulating cell regeneration. Cell regeneration not only promotes healing, but also helps relieve pain and inflammation. The pulses of energy are delivered with the help of some special devices pressed on to the injured tissue. Specific low- and Continue reading →