If you practice sports frequently enough, chances are that eventually you are going to suffer from a sports injury, especially if you fail to take the proper precautions. In addition to being painful, sports injuries are particularly unpleasant as they can make daily tasks difficult or even impossible. Plus, in the case of a serious injury, you will need to rest from your sport until you are fully recovered to prevent exacerbating the injury. It is best, therefore, to be aware of the most common sports injuries and to know the measures you need to take to avoid becoming injured. The Most Common Sports Injuries Shin Splints This painful injury affects the front and center of the lower legs due to swelling in overworked muscles. Shin splints can occur after exercising in any type of physical activity, but the injury is most common after practicing sports such soccer, lacrosse, Continue reading →

Do you walk, run, stand a lot, or otherwise use your feet often? Many people do. Unfortunately, for some, simply using their feet can turn into an exercise in pain and discomfort. That pain and discomfort can cause you to stop doing the things you enjoy. It can cause you to not want to do the things you have to do. Custom made orthotics can help treat foot pain, but you should know more about it. What are Orthotics? Orthotics represents a medical specialty. It concerns itself with creating orthotic devices, which help align parts of your body. In this case, a foot orthotic will look something like a shoe insert. However, it’s important that you understand there’s a major difference between a professionally designed custom made orthotics, and an off-the-shelf commercial shoe insert.  Difference between a Shoe Insert and Custom Orthotics Orthotic devices are created specifically for you, and Continue reading →

It is common when you have back pain to look to your back as the source of the problem. However, other parts of your body play a big role in how your back feels. Just look down at your feet – YES, your feet! The way your foot contacts the ground beneath you can really impact your back because it will affect the way your back absorbs the compression to your spine.  Your back needs support while you walk, and if your shoes are not providing the proper support you can be hurting your back every time you take a step or even just stand. You may not notice a problem at first, but this lack of support will add stress to your back and cause you discomfort over time. A great solution to the problem of unsupportive footwear is through the use of custom orthotics. Custom orthotics can help to Continue reading →