When you hear the word “ultrasound,” you most likely think of pregnancy or some other form of diagnostic imaging. It is less common for people to associate the technology with a therapeutic modality, yet it does have therapeutic applications. It’s all a matter of understanding how the body heals itself. Feeling Good Vibrations Therapeutic ultrasound is an invisible, undetectable form of mechanical energy. Technically, it’s acoustical. Meaning; it uses waves to transfer vibration. These waves have to travel through a medium or conduit to be effective. Normally, a water-based gel or medicated cream is used to help the waves penetrate the muscle structure. Once the waves penetrate bodily tissue, the healing can begin. Therapeutic ultrasound can be used in different ways depending on the frequency of the waves. Critics of this modality claim that it promotes very little in the way of healing, but these naysayers often use ultrasound technology as a standalone Continue reading →