Bad posture can cause problems for your well-being in several ways. First of all, slumping over gives a weak and tired appearance as opposed to standing up straight, which looks more commanding. Good posture is also helpful for the performance of singers and athletes. But ultimately, there are deeper reasons why correcting bad posture is essential to your good health. Preventing Pain and Fatigue Good posture is a conscious skill that allows you to stand, walk and sit with the least amount of strain on your back, muscles and ligaments. When you stand up straight you are actually protecting several organs at one time and allowing them to function at an optimum level, whereas when you slump over you are causing the body to work harder, which can lead to painful muscle spasms. You can also breathe more properly with free air flow when you practice proper posture. Other reasons to maintain good Continue reading →

In the world of injuries, rehabilitation and disability claims, there are a lot of different terms that come into play.  Rehabilitation can involve many different types of assessments and exercises, schedules and planning, so there’s bound to be a lot to cover.  One term that’s used quite a lot is functional capacity evaluation. The Definition What is a functional capacity evaluation?  It’s an assessment designed to measure and objectively quantify a person’s ability to perform certain kinds of activities.  An FCE as it is known, measures an individual’s functional ability to perform both personal and occupational tasks. Generally, a functional capacity evaluationconsists of a series of tests to measure things like gross dexterity, flexibility, walking ability, balance, lifting ability, bending, fine dexterity and more. Why Do We Need Functional Capacity Evaluations? A functional capacity evaluation may be ordered to help make a disability determination or to direct the rehabilitation of someone who has Continue reading →