Among the variety of different physiotherapy treatments to help fight injury and restore strength, you’ll find K-Taping, technically known as “kinesio taping.”  K-taping is a non-invasive treatment that as you might have guessed, uses kinesio tape as part of the process.  In fact, it is the main part of the process and it is effective at treating several common issues. What Is It? Basically, K-taping is a process of applying a special tape to various parts of the body in order to reduce pain or swelling and increase range of motion. Do I Need It? Your need for K-taping will ultimately be determined by your physiotherapist, but it is a useful treatment for anyone who has experienced an injury or condition that is limiting range of motion and causing pain.  In some cases, K-taping might seem like the most logical choice and won’t be prescribed and other times it will.  It really goes on Continue reading →