Chiropractic care is the best treatment option for increasing numbers of people. Whether you are suffering from neck or joint pain, or simply want to increase range of motion, here is what you need to know about your local chiropractor. Chiropractor’s Education Before you ask what does a chiropractor do, your first question might be what education does your chiropractor need to acquire? Chiropractors undergo rigorous education and licensing. All chiropractic educational programs are accredited by a national governing federation. But before entering an accredited Doctor of Chiropractic program, students must take three years of university-level study. Chiropractic education requires both classroom and clinical study, focusing in on three areas: basic training in health sciences and biological sciences. Specialized training in chiropractics including theory, practice, diagnosis and application, and extensive work in clinical assessment, diagnosis, treatment and referral. Upon graduation the student must then pass both written and practical exams Continue reading →