Do You Need Maintenance Chiropractic Care?

Do you need maintenance chiropractic care? Before answering this question, let’s examine some of the evidence that has recently come to the forefront.
In the past two years there have been several studies that demonstrate how maintenance chiropractic care is beneficial for helping to prevent reoccurrence of lower back problems. What is even more exciting about the news is that some of these studies were published in medical journals.

In the April 2011 issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, an article was published about a study that followed 894 workers’ compensation cases for one year to see their response to chiropractic care as compared to other types of care. The stated objective of this study was “To compare occurrence of repeated disability episodes across types of health care providers who treat claimants with new episodes of work-related low back pain (LBP).”

The results showed that when compared to physical therapists and medical doctors, the group of patients that had chiropractic care had the lowest rate of disability recurrence over the one year period. What this study showed was that when injured workers continued with chiropractic care, their rate of disability or re-injury in the year after the original accident was less than those workers under other types of medical care.

The Faculty of Medicine at Mansoura University (Egypt) conducted a study and found that maintenance care provides benefits for those suffering from chronic low back pain.

Spinal manipulation (SMT) is a common treatment option used by some chiropractors for treating low back pain. Many clinical trials have taken place to evaluate maintenance for different subgroups of acute and chronic low back pain patients but not for maintenance spinal manipulative therapy in chronic low back pain sufferers.

In this particular study, sixty patients with chronic, nonspecific low back pain that was persistent minimum six months were randomized into three groups:

  1. Twenty of those studied received twelve treatments of sham spinal manipulative therapy over a thirty day period.
  2. Twenty of them received twelve treatments of spinal manipulative therapy during a thirty day period, with no maintenance care during the following nine months.
  3. Twenty of them received 12 spinal manipulative therapy visits throughout the first month, followed by maintenance spinal manipulative therapy every second week for the next nine months.

In order to determine any difference researchers measured pain and disability scores, back-specific patient satisfaction, and generic health status; and these scores were reviewed at the one month, four month, seven month and at the ten month mark.

At the end of the first one month period, patients in groups 2 and 3 experienced significantly lower pain and disability scores than the sham group

At the ten month follow-up, only the maintenance group (number 3) maintained improvements in pain and disability

This was the first medically managed trial that clearly demonstrated that chiropractic maintenance care provides improved results to those who suffer from chronic low back pain.
So now to answer the question, do you need maintenance chiropractic care? The evidence for maintenance chiropractic care benefiting patients is now there. For many chiropractic patients, receiving ongoing care is in their best interests. No two people are alike and even though the evidence is there, having a consultation with a chiropractor is the best way to get a definite yes or no as to whether or not maintenance care is for you.

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March 7, 2014

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