Clinical Conditioning Program

Chiro-Med Rehab Centre is excited to introduce our Clinical Conditioning Program at our Richmond Hill site. You will begin with a full assessment with our in-house Chiropractor or Physiotherapist identifying your present complaint, vitals, core strength, flexibility and muscular endurance. We will then provide a customized program which meets your needs, aiding to reduce your symptoms and increase your energy, endurance and core strength. Your sessions will always be supervised in a one on one setting, so that the appropriate clinical suggestions and postural modifications can be made, while your clinical progression can be monitored and altered as required. Our goal is for you to return to your activities of daily living symptom free and with more confidence, whatever it may be; employment duties, sport specific or leisure day to day tasks.

What Makes Us Different?

Our program offers a one-on-one approach to therapy, combining passive modalities, soft tissue release techniques and physical conditioning. An important component of our Clinical Conditioning Program is our consideration and observation of your FUNCTIONAL movement patterns. Functional conditioning will help provide you with increased mobility, stability, strength and endurance, which your body requires to excel in your daily activities, whether it is leisure, sport or employment related. Functional movement patterns like; pushing, pulling, reaching, squatting, rotating, lifting and carrying are required by us daily to complete the necessary tasks in our lives. Our Clinical Conditioning Program will mimic these functional movement patterns, improving your movement abilities.


Who Is Eligible For The Clinical Conditioning Program?

EVERYONE! Whether you are recovering from an injury, leading a sedentary lifestyle, require employment or sport specific re-training due to an injury, we can accommodate your needs. Our Clinical Conditioning Assessment will determine your physical deficits and help us tailor a one-on-one program that is appropriate for you. Your re-assessments’ will ensure that we are obtaining the goals that you have aspired to reach; safely and with excellent health.

Clinical Conditioning Program

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We accept all extended health care insurances, motor vehicle accidents and W.S.I.B.