What Is The Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace?

Chiro-Med Rehab Center located in Richmond Hill and Newmarket offer the Don Joy Velocity Ankle Brace. The Velocity Ankle Brace is ideal for those looking to prevent or treat ankle injuries. Its unique design provides protection and support while still allowing for natural unrestricted movements of the ankle. The brace has a lightweight and low profile design that allows it to fit comfortably in tight athletic shoes making it ideal even for athletes. It is available in light, moderate, and extra support and in sizes small, medium and large, as well as regular and wide fits.

Design Features

Bilateral Hinges – Provides confortable and unrestricted movements of the ankle while providing support and preventing inversion and eversion ankle sprains

Moldable Footplate – Footplate can be trimmed and molded to your foot, which gives the brace a custom feel and allows it to work with orthotics and shoe inserts

R3 Technology (Rapid-Rigid-Ratched) – Provides compressive forces to the ankle to control for inflammation and swelling

Rigid Outer Shell – Protection against impact

Inner Lining – Easily removable and machine washable

What Support Level Is Right For Me?


Light Support:

  • Provides Light Support
  • Prevent Ankle Injuries
  • Every day use

Moderate Support:

  • Provides Moderate Support
  • Ankle Speed Wrap for compression
  • Chronic Ankle Injuries
  • Control Inflammation

Extra Support:

  • Provides Extra Support
  • Ankle and foot Speed wrap for compression
  • Achilles pad for comfort, stability and proprioception
  • Acute Ankle Injuries
  • Control Inflammation
  • Prone to ankle sprains
  • Involved in dynamic or contact sport

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