How Do I Become a Physiotherapist?

Have you ever thought of becoming a physiotherapist? A physiotherapist is a university-educated health professional and is a highly recognized member in the health profession.

What Services Do Physiotherapists Perform?

Physiotherapists work in several areas that include orthopedics, neurology, sports, pediatrics, cardiorespiratory, seniors’ health as well as other areas.

Those who require the services of a physiotherapist will be required to complete an assessment that may include health history, joint range of motion, evaluation of pain and movement patterns, reflexes, strength, and cardiorespiratory status.

Physiotherapists examine laboratory tests, relevant x-rays, medical records and surgical notes. Based on the assessment the physiotherapist establishes a diagnosis and works in tandem with the patient to develop an individual goal plan and treatment programs.

Treatments that physiotherapists use include electrical modalities such as TENS or ultrasound, manual therapy, acupuncture and therapeutic exercise. A physiotherapist’s job is to promote independence. Emphasis is placed on what the patient can do for themself and on education to prevent future injuries.

Becoming a Physiotherapist In Ontario

Physiotherapists in Ontario must complete a Master’s degree at one of the five Ontario Universities, a Canadian university outside Ontario or if an individual is educated outside of Canada their education is reviewed to ensure that it is substantially equivalent to the content of a Canadian physiotherapy (or physical therapy) program.

The five universities that offer this program (all at the Master level) include:

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Ottawa
  • McMaster University
  • Queen’s University
  • Western University

After university, in order to practice a person must be registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

Chiro-Med Rehab Centre in Richmond Hill has professional physiotherapists on staff who are registered with the College. If you are in need of physiotherapy our walk-in clinic is conveniently located at 10144 Yonge Street, just north of Major MacKenzie Drive in the heart of Richmond Hill. Visit Chiro-Med online or call 905-918-0419 for more information about services and about becoming a physiotherapist in Ontario.

March 10, 2014

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