Lumbar Sprain / Strain

Lumbar sprains and lumbar strains are the most common cause of low back pain. When the muscle fibers in the lower back are stretched or torn in an abnormal manner then this is lumbar strain. A lumbar sprain is slightly different; this is the result of when ligaments are torn from where they attach.

Sometimes telling the difference between a sprain and a strain can be difficult because both injuries show similar symptoms. The medical profession refers to both injuries as a category called "musculoligamentous injuries" of the lumbar spine. As a rule, it doesn't really matter what you call this problem because the treatment for both back sprains and strains is the same.

Sprains And Strains Are Common

There is not a doubt that back sprains and strains are very common. To understand why this is let's look at the spine. The spine is supported by the paraspinal muscles, and these are quite large. They support both the spinal column as well as the weight of the upper body. Tough ligaments connect the five lumbar vertebrae and this greatly aids in maintaining the position of the spinal column.

The bones, ligaments and muscles all work together to provide strength and control for the body to be able to engage in all physical activities. The lumbar spine and all the muscles there are required for most of all the physical activities and movements therefore this makes this area prone to injury. Once injury occurs then a person is prevented from being able to freely move without pain or discomfort.

Lumbar Sprain Or Strain Symptoms

The vast majority of lumbar sprains and strains create symptoms isolated to the lower back. The most common symptoms people experience include:

  • Lower back muscle spasms.
  • Pain associated with movement and is often relieved when rested.
  • Low back and upper buttock area experiences pain.

What causes these symptoms to occur is inflammation of the soft-tissues. The inflammation causes discomfort and pain and this can result in muscle spasms. Many people are surprised with just how painful and sometimes debilitating a lumbar sprain or strain can truly be. Some people are bed ridden for a day or two and experience intermittent symptoms for weeks on end. However, most people are completely recovered within a month if they receive proper treatment.

Why Do Some People Suffer More Than Others?

There are so many factors that come into play that determine the level of pain felt and for how long.

First, most injures occur when a person is putting strain on their back that they are not accustomed to. This can be a sudden 'wrong' movement, lifting a heavy object incorrectly, twisting the back in an odd way, or sometimes just the lack of movement or exercise – and then exerting oneself when the body is not used to it. Lifting incorrectly is one of the more common causes of lumbar sprain or strain injuries.

Other factors that can contribute to lumbar sprains or strains include obesity, smoking, poor conditioning and once again, to really emphasize – improper lifting of objects. If you have persistent problems in your lumbar area then you may have lumbar sprain or lumbar strain.

Treatment Of Lumbar Strain Or Lumbar Sprain

Massage therapy in Richmond Hill is one method of treatment. Proper conditioning is essential to recover from this ailment and to prevent this from happening. Stretching and strengthening the back muscles can greatly help control the inflammation and improve the overall condition of the lumbar back muscles. The exercises of course cannot be painful but it is really important that exercises that are suggested by your Richmond Hill Chiropractor are adhered to because if they are done incorrectly or not at all then deconditioning will set in. This is not good when wanting recovery.

If you consider yourself to be in good shape you may have weak lumbar muscles. When a lumbar injury occurs, you should perform specific exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles of the low back, hips and abdomen as prescribed by your Richmond Hill Chiropractor.

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March 10, 2014

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