Chiro-Med Rehab Center in Richmond Hill now offers a variety of off the shelf DonJoy orthopedic braces. These braces can be used to prevent and treat injuries. Off the shelf braces provide additional light to moderate support reducing the stress on the injured area. This allows the area to rest which helps to reduce or prevent inflammation and painful irritation to the area. The DonJoy braces are comfortable, lightweight and easy to use making them perfect for daily use as well as physical activity.

Braces Available

Elbow Support – the Elbow brace reduces the strain on the muscles that attach at the elbow. Ideal for patients with tennis and golfers elbow.

Wrist Support – The wrist brace offers support for mild to moderate injuries involving the wrist preventing its upward and downward movements while still allowing full mobility of the thumb and fingers

Thumb Support – the thumb support offers light weight and comfortable protection of the wrist and thumb. Ideal for mild to moderate injuries involving the wrist and thumb including dequarvains synovitis or arthritis.

Back Support – the Back support offers mild to moderate support of the lower back by using compressive forces. Also used to keep the area warm and reduce the risk of sprains and strains. Made of an elastic and breathable material

Knee Support – Offers additional support for mild sprains and strains of the muscles and ligament within and surrounding the knee

Ankle support – Offers additional mild support to weak or injured ankles and is ideal for daily use after a mild ankle sprain or strain.

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