How Long Will I Need Physiotherapy Treatment?


Physiotherapy is used to help restore movement and normal function back to the body in cases of injury, disability, and illness. Each individual case is different in how it has affected the body and therefore the time that someone will need physiotherapy treatment can vary.

Individuals that will experience long treatments have a few things in common:

• They have had the condition for a long time. They may have been born with a problem or held off dealing with it for a while so it will take longer to cure.
• Patients who do not visit their physiotherapist frequently and neglect their stretching and exercising at home will extend their physiotherapy treatment time.
• Other factors that will lead to a longer physiotherapy treatment are your age and medical history. Being older can impact your healing as your bones and muscles are more sensitive and weak. Your medical history impacts your treatment as well, especially if you have had physiotherapy in the past in the same area.

How to shorten your physiotherapy treatment time:

• Make sure to prioritize your physiotherapy treatment by going 2-3 times a week in the beginning to see faster results.
• Continue your exercises and stretches at home so that you are not strictly healing the problem just at your appointments.
• Communicate with your physiotherapist about your condition. If things are worsening do not try and ignore it because your physiotherapist can only help you with the information that they know. By communicating with your physiotherapist they can attack problems immediately and shorten your healing time.

Overall, a long healing time can take from months to years. This is because some conditions are built up over a few years time and therefore, require a longer healing process. If you are interested in learning more about healing through physiotherapy, contact the specialists at Chiro-Med to book an appointment.

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