The Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

The Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain has a few primary causes and a growing number of people in the general population are feeling its effects everyday.  Lower back pain can encompass everything from the occasional twinge to the intense, searing kind of pain that keeps you in bed all day.

Luckily, there are exercises that can usually help keep your lower back loose and keep you active.  It’s important to follow the instructions given by your physiotherapist for the quickest results, but here are some of the most effective lower back exercises you can do.

Abdominal Strengthening

It’s no secret that stronger abdominal muscles can help to ease lower back pain a lot of the time.  That’s not to say you should start peeling off the crunches or sit-ups if you have a low back injury, but some type of ab strengthening exercises will likely be part of your physiotherapy routine.

Some of the common abdominal exercises used to help low back pain include static abdominal contractions, ankle pumps, various leg raises and ab work on a Swiss ball.

Leg Strengthening

Strengthening the legs is another strategy that many physiotherapists use to help ease lower back pain.  Stronger abs and legs help support those low back muscles and will remove a lot of the stress from that area.  Some common leg exercises include standard, body weight squats, lunges and various exercises on leg machines like a leg extension or leg curl machine.

Gentle Stretching

Just as keeping the muscles strong is important, so too is keeping them loose and flexible.  Any lower back treatment plan will include several stretches for the lower back, as well as the abdominals, legs and hips.  Some of the stretches will be seated, some will be standing and some will include equipment, but all will be gentle and they all must follow the exact guidelines of your physiotherapist.

Aerobic Exercise

Your level of aerobic activity will vary depending on the severity of your lower back pain, but it is usually an integral part of the program.  It’s important to keep the spine in a neutral position when a back injury is a concern, so exercises like stationary biking and brisk walking on a treadmill are commonly prescribed.

Listen to Your Body

Whatever specific exercises your physiotherapist prescribes, make sure you always use impeccable form and listen to your body.  If a certain exercise is causing you pain, voice your concerns and keep the lines of communication open.  It’s important to keep your body moving, but it’s also important not to make the injury worse.  You’re the only one who knows exactly how it feels, so pay attention.

At Chiro-Med, we have helped hundreds of lower back pain sufferers find relief. Book an appointment with us and we can start to develop a customized treatment plan that meets your needs.

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