How Can Custom Orthotics Help My Lower Back Pain?


It is common when you have back pain to look to your back as the source of the problem. However, other parts of your body play a big role in how your back feels. Just look down at your feet – YES, your feet!

The way your foot contacts the ground beneath you can really impact your back because it will affect the way your back absorbs the compression to your spine.  Your back needs support while you walk, and if your shoes are not providing the proper support you can be hurting your back every time you take a step or even just stand. You may not notice a problem at first, but this lack of support will add stress to your back and cause you discomfort over time.

A great solution to the problem of unsupportive footwear is through the use of custom orthotics. Custom orthotics can help to relieve your lower back pain. The orthotics are made to fit you exactly so they will help your feet be better aligned. You should wear your orthotics at all times in order to reposition the muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments in your feet. This correct alignment will positively impact your legs and your back with a better posture. This better posture and alignment will take the stress off your lower back and help with the pain that you may be experiencing. After an extended period of time wearing the orthotics, you may notice that the pain is completely gone.

When you think about it, your feet are a very important part of your body. They act as the foundation for everything above them – so start with your feet when trying to heal your lower back pain. Orthotics are also beneficial for patients with ankle pain, hip pain, flat feet, fallen arches, knee pain, bunions and more!

You will need to replace your custom orthotics on average, every 2 years. This investment is worth it because this is a small price to pay in comparison to what it cost to treat the major back complications that you can may develop from having unsupportive footwear. Make sure your back is supported so that you can live an easier and happier life!

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