6 Treatments for Back Pain You Can Do at Home

If you have regular back pain, you’re probably used to going to massage therapy or seeing a chiropractor as a means of relieving the pain and, hopefully, healing.

Sometimes back pain requires constant attention and a variety of different therapeutic actions. To this end, it’s a good idea to also get into good habits at home to make sure that your back is both strong and pain-free as much as possible.

Here are six things that you can do at home to complement your massage therapy or chiropractor visits.

  1. Posture

In almost all cases, paying special attention to your overall posture will help to stabilize your spine. That isn't just about sitting up straight, however. It's also about your daily lifestyle, your sitting and sleeping habits, and about what types of things you're doing to keep your core strong.

For help with long periods of sitting at a desk, try the Posture Man Pat app, which can tell where your face is in relations to the computer screen and alerts you when it changes.

  1. Yoga

If you already enjoy yoga, you're in luck, because in almost all cases, it's a great way to keep your back loose while strengthening your core. It also helps with alignment. Though certain poses may not be appropriate for those with certain back problems, for the most part, gentle movement and stretching will be good for you no matter what.

Consult your chiropractor and yoga instructor for specific poses that are helpful for your particular problem. And don’t overextend your back in cobra or backbend poses without checking first.

  1. Natural Pain Relief

Did you know that a simple endorphin release can help to prevent the body from sending pain signals to your brain? Exercise, massage therapy, and meditation can all help with pain management for this reason.

  1. Focus on Your Core

When you perform activities explicitly designed to tighten your abs and back, this supports your lower spine all day, thus helping with lower back problems. Planks, kneeling extensions, and hip lifts are each gentle but when done daily will work to keep everything in place and improve the strain on the spine.

  1. Cold or Hot Compresses

Heat compresses and ice packs can each be useful, but each has different purposes. Ice packs are better to use right after an injury to help with pain. But if the pain persists for a couple of days, you may want to consider a hot compress or even a hot bath.

  1. Better Shoes

If you have lower back pain, sometimes the root cause is your shoes. Go to a professional running shoe store to check if your shoes are supporting your feet properly, or consider orthotics. This practice is especially important if you have a job that keeps you on your feet for long periods of time.

If you’re having chronic back pain and you’re regularly visiting a chiropractor or massage therapist, they should be able to recommend therapeutic actions like exercises and pain relief treatments that work for your specific type of pain or injury.

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