How Does Kinesio Taping Work and What are the Benefits

Kinesio taping is a method of therapy that allows athletes, those in chronic pain, and those dealing with injuries to find pain relief and healing. Developed in 1980 by Dr. Kase, Kinesio Tape started as an add-on method of therapy, but has since become its own legitimate healing treatment.

How Does Kinesio Tape Work?

Kinesio taping helps the body correct its own joint and muscle issues simply by stimulating certain systems and encouraging proper bodily functions. Typically, harsh medications and treatments can be avoided with the assistance of Kinesio Tape. Here are four main ways that Kinesio Taping treats injuries:

Supports the Affected Muscle or Muscle Group

Usually, a certain muscle or group of muscles is more susceptible to pain and inflammation. Some people know they have knee issues. Others have weak calf muscles. Perhaps you've injured your shoulder in the past. Whatever it is that ails you, Kinesio Tape helps you support that muscle or muscle group in four key ways.

  • improves muscle's ability to contract
  • reduces pain and fatigue
  • helps prevent cramping
  • prevents over-contraction and over-extension

Improves Flow of Bodily Fluids

When muscles swell or tighten, it can be difficult for fluids to move the way they need to in order to facilitate functions like aiding inflammation. Kinesio Tape helps to encourage the proper flow of bodily fluids in five key ways.

  • removes congestion
  • improves blood circulation
  • promotes healthy lymphatic circulation
  • reduces inflammation
  • alleviates excess chemical buildup in muscle tissue

Activates the Endogenous Analgesic System

Which is a fancy way of saying it encourages the body to heal its own pain. If something is endogenous it means it originates within itself, and anything analgesic helps dull the pain in a person who is conscious. Since Kinesio taping activates the body’s ability to self-heal, it’s become very popular among physical therapists as a medication-free way of helping patients heal faster.

Corrects and Heals Joint Issues

If you've had a surgery, injury, suffer from arthritis or experience joint problems for other reasons, Kinesio taping might be helpful for you. It aids in improving your range of motion by correcting alignment problems. Tight muscles can throw joints out of alignment, and reducing that tightness can help correct it.

Who Can Benefit from Kinesio Taping?

Anyone who suffers from joint or muscle pain or who engages in athletic activities can benefit from Kinesio Tape. It's even been used by people who suffer from ailments such as depression or insomnia, especially when used in conjunction with massage therapy. Even patients with autoimmune diseases have found relief with the use of Kinesio tape. Since inflammation is one of the main problems for those who suffer from autoimmune diseases. Lowering that inflammation can help alleviate pain, thus reducing the need for so many medications.

Why Do Athletes Wear It?

Another common question about Kinesio tape is why athletes wear it when they're not in pain at the time. For instance, runners tend to wear Kinesio tape during races, even if those muscles don't hurt at the time of application. The short answer is that extended exercise will naturally cause swelling, inflammation, muscle strain, and other issues. By improving blood flow and muscle tone straight away, these issues tend to be lessened and you can avoid cramps, as well.

Kinesio taping has been around for many years. However, what used to be seen as therapy reserved for elite athletes is now available for everyone.

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