How Does Complete Concussion Management Work?

According to the journal, Radiology, a single concussion could result in lasting brain damage. With anywhere between 10% and 20% of all athletes suffering a concussion each season, it's important to have complete concussion management to prevent devastatingly permanent or even fatal brain injuries. The following information explains a concussion, and the steps to go through in order to complete concussion management, reducing its effects.

What is a Concussion?

A concussion or mild traumatic brain injury is a difficult process affecting the impulse or acceleration forces delivered to the brain. Concussions can cause a myriad of effects. However, concussions most commonly cause temporary dysfunction in the nerves, which results in the athlete's nerves not working properly, causing symptoms such as:

- Head pressure
- Headaches
- Vomiting or Nausea
- Neck pain
- Blurred vision
- Dizziness
- Sensitivity to light or noise
- Problems with balance
- Feelings of "fogginess" or being slowed down
- Difficulty remembering and concentrating
- Low energy and fatigue
- Drowsiness
- Confusion
- Problems going to sleep
- Increased emotions
- Sadness and irritability
- Anxiety or nervousness

Complete Concussion Management

Complete Concussion Management is a multidisciplinary network of physiotherapists, physicians, neuro psychologists, chiropractors, and neurologists committed to providing holistic care for the treatment of athletes of all ages suffering from concussions. By using the most state-of-the-art techniques, training and practices, the certified physiotherapists are committed to the most effective management and maintenance of concussions.

The Complete Concussion Management full-service program was developed by using the most cutting edge baseline concussion testing and research-based "Return-to-Learn" and "Return-to-Play" protocols. These programs work seamlessly with every athlete's teachers, schools, parents, coaches, trainers, and family doctors. The overall goal of Complete Concussion Management is to ensure the young athlete gets back to their team safely.

Concussion Baseline Testing

As a core component of Complete Concussion Management, baseline testing is a series of tests conducted pre-season or before a concussion to get an accurate reading on the athlete's brain balance and brain function. The functions observed during a concussion baseline test include memory and learning skills, problem solving skills, and concentration. Once practitioners have a reading of the athlete's baseline, they can effectively monitor them after a concussion to determine when they are safe to return to play. The concussion baseline test essentially is designed to detect whether the individual has any symptoms of a concussion.

It's suggested that athletes of all ages receive a baseline concussion test. In particular, young athletes should be tested at a rate of once a year during the preseason. The baselines for an age group will change each year, due to recall visual tracking and memory development.

After the Injury

After a concussion injury has occurred, a full evaluation based on the baseline test will be conducted. In addition, an effective return-to-learn and return-to-play process will be instituted based on the most avant-garde research and practices. The young athlete will continued to be monitored closely while continually keeping the lines of communication open between the athlete's teachers, school, trainers, coaches, and family physician. This communication will progress through each of the stages of recovery. After the athlete has systematically recovered and can meet their baseline standards on repeated testing, he or she will undergo a few final physical ability tests to ensure the athlete is fine to return to play.

Complete Concussion Management is a holistic approach to treating concussions. This program uses the highest medical research to help athletes of all ages recover from their concussion symptoms. If you feel you are suffering symptoms from your concussion, contact Chiro-Med Rehab Centre for a free consultation.

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