Neck Pain Treatment Options

Your spine supports your entire body, and when everything is working the way it should, you barely notice it’s there. However, that all changes if neck pain enters the picture. If you've suffered from neck pain before, you know how hard it is to function when it flares up. Neck pain treatment is available, but there are some treatment options you may not have considered yet.

Cellphone Usage
The way you hold your cell phone could be a contributing factor to your neck pain. In fact, there's even a medical "condition" referred to as text neck. Since cell phone usage requires you to look down all the time, whether it be to texting, sending emails or surfing the web, this causes stress on your neck.
Craning your neck or looking down consistently and for prolonged periods of time is torture for your spine. Fortunately, you may be able to help improve your neck pain just by changing the way you use your phone.

• Try to use speech-to-text functions as much as possible so you don't have to crane your neck so much.
• Instead of texting, make phone call when you can, as this allows you to look straight head and not downwards.
• Use a Bluetooth keyboard that will allow you to text and send emails but limits the need to have your head down.
• If you’re texting, put your phone right in front of your line of sight so you're not craning.
• Arch your back, as doing so helps you keep an upright, ergonomic posture.

Implementing a few of these tips can help you reduce stress on your spine and decrease pain levels in your neck.

The Chair You Use
It might not seem like much of a neck pain treatment, but the type of chair you sit in can actually have a substantial impact on your spinal health. If your chair causes you to slouch, isn't placing you at eye level with your screen, or forces you into uncomfortable positions, you could be opening yourself up to neck pain. Try implementing one of the following tips in order to help your spine.

• Get a neck-supporting chair, as that will help you keep an ergonomic position throughout the day.
• Make sure your chair is adjustable so you can sit at eye level with your monitor.
• Try to find a chair that doesn't allow you to slouch, as doing so places undue stress on your shoulders, neck, and back.
• Make sure your knees are at a right angle to the ground. If they're not, adjust your seat height.
• Chairs that allow you to flex backwards and stretch your back throughout the day are also beneficial.

Ancient Remedies
The previous two ideas are preventive neck pain treatment options. However, if you already have pain and adjusting your posture isn't providing enough relief, you can also consider ancient remedies. For instance, acupuncture is a good option, as it helps relax the muscles around your spine. Inflammation is a common contributor to neck pain, and reducing that strain can be beneficial. If needles aren't your style you can also try hot stone massages, which utilize natural heat and massage therapy techniques to relax your muscles and heal inflammation and tissue damage.

If you're suffering from neck pain, don't suffer in silence. There are many neck pain treatment options available, and depending on your situation you could see improvement sooner than you think. Call us today to request your free consultation and take the first step on the path to wellness.

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