Top 6 Benefits of Hot Stone Massages

A hot stone massage is the perfect ways to melt away your tension and stress, ease muscle pain and even increase your circulation. This type of massage therapy will give you a deeper sense of relaxation because water-heated stones are placed on key points of your body.

How it Works

With a hot stone massage, the direct heat of the hot stone will relax the muscle right where you need it. This allows your therapist to access deeper muscle layers in your body, giving you more relief.

The Benefits
There are many benefits to any type of massage, and hot stone is no different. Here are top 6 reasons to get a hot stone massage:
1. Relieves muscle pain and tension: Heat is often used to reduce muscle tension and soreness because it helps increase blood flow to the affected areas. Heat can also help improve flexibility and range of motion.
2. Reduces stress and anxiety: Research has shown that massage is wonderful for relieving stress, no matter what type it is.
3. Helps you sleep: Studies have shown that massage can be a great alternative to sleeping pills. Massage is also thought to provide us with more restorative sleep, meaning you sleep better and wake up more refreshed.
4. Relieves symptoms of autoimmune diseases: Hot stone massages can help relieve the pain of conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Studies show that fibromyalgia sufferers had a reduced number of trigger points in the body and decreased levels of pain after a hot stone massage. Studies also show that those with rheumatoid arthritis can benefit from a moderate-pressure massage, like a hot stone massage. Research participants had less pain, greater grip strength and a wider range of motion after just one month of massage.
5. Helps reduce cancer symptoms: A three-year study found in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management concluded that massage helps improve cancer symptoms.
6. Immune system boost: Regular massages boost your immune system too. Just one massage session can have a positive impact on your immunity, helping you ward off colds and viruses easier.

Along with these benefits, hot stone massages also up blood circulation, lower water retention, increase metabolism and reduce cellulite. Just one hot stone session can improve your mood and cut down stress levels. Repeated massage sessions will not only help you feel better but you’ll begin to sleep longer too. Ready to book a relaxing hot stone massage? Schedule an appointment with us today!

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