10 Ways to a More Active Lifestyle

When you’re struggling with chronic pain, an inactive lifestyle can worsen muscle or health issues. That’s why a level of activity is instrumental in maintaining your health and aiding in recovery. Fortunately, there are 10 small and easy steps you can take to leading a more active lifestyle.

Take it Slow
Rome wasn't built in a day. Going out and training for a half-marathon may be a little much. Instead, try incorporating a light exercise activity such as a daily walk outside at a manageable distance.

Start Early
Even if you’re not traditionally a morning person, doing physical activity in the early AM has many benefits beyond exercising in the evening. Rising early and heading to yoga or the gym gets your endorphins moving and sets the tone for the rest of your day.
Know Your Limits

Right out of the gate, you might be tempted to push yourself to the limit of your endurance, but be mindful that your limits are where you run the risk of re-injury or further exacerbating your condition.

Stick to the Schedule
Having a schedule will not only motivate you to continue daily activity, it’ll give you the structure you need to keep from overdoing it or lapsing in your commitment. An active lifestyle isn’t going to live itself, so your schedule will help you stick to it.

Switch it Up
If you’re relying too much on high-impact activities like jogging and lifting weights, but they end up causing you pain – try mixing in a few low-impact activities like swimming or yoga. You might find the variation considerably aids your progress.

Measure Your Progress
Keep a journal of your progress in any activity, whether it’s one that’s new to you or one you’ve been pursuing for years. Measurable results and attainable goals are a fierce motivator and can help you power through the challenge.

Listen to Your Doctor

Be honest with your physician about how much pain you are experiencing during physical activity. Not only can it be indicative of more severe problems, but your doctor might recommend directly-supervised physical therapy targeted to improving the condition and reduce any ailments.

Treat Your Activity Like Therapy
No matter if you’re following a prescribed physical therapy treatment plan or pursuing an activity for the pleasure, treat each as if it is a therapeutic endeavor and treat it with the seriousness that you would any other medical prescription.

Partner Up

Fitness can often be a solitary activity, but if possible try to have a fitness buddy. There are bound to be days when you feel unmotivated, and you’ll be tempted to sit it out. Having another person who is depending on you for companionship and motivation can go a long way toward getting you off the couch.

Mix Indoor and Outdoor Activities
Since the weather won’t always cooperate, makes sure there’s a favorite activity you can do indoors like lunges, stretching or following a Pilates class online.

Be Fair to Yourself

Living an active lifestyle when you might be in chronic pain isn’t easy. If you don’t see results immediately, don’t worry. Know that your efforts are helping little by little and if you need additional assistance with physical therapy, massage or chiropractic services, give us a call for a free consultation.

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