Acupuncture for Arthritis: How Does It Work?

Most modern medical solutions have existed for only a few decades at the longest. This is because medical technology innovators are constantly coming up with more effective ways to treat ailments of all kinds. One solution has withstood the test of time, not for centuries but for millennia: that medical treatment solution is acupuncture. The first official documented evidence of acupuncture being put to use was over 2,000 years ago in China; since then, it has been used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, including arthritis. But how does it work? Let's take a look at how acupuncture for arthritis can help.

Deactivating Nerve Receptors

When arthritis flares up, your body starts flooding your brain with pain signals; in response, the site becomes more inflamed as your brain tries to get your body to protect itself. Unfortunately for you, all this does is cause stiffness and pain. Acupuncture for arthritis is specially designed to interact directly with your nerves to block the receptors that are telling your brain to feel pain in the first place. By reducing the amount of pain that you feel, your entire body relaxes, and inflammation is naturally reduced.

Boosting Your Body's Endorphins

In addition to directly negating the pain that an arthritic condition causes, acupuncture for arthritis will also help you take advantage of your body's natural painkillers. This is because while acupuncture instructs your nervous system to minimize the number of pain signals being sent to the brain, the acupuncture needles are also instructing your body to release hormones known as endorphins, which naturally reduce the amount of pain that you feel. In other words, acupuncture for arthritis is able to create the same effect as a painkiller without you having to actually take any drugs.

Long Term Benefits

All of the benefits if acupuncture treatment for arthritis are an incredible help for anyone who is suffering from the debilitating pain that arthritis can cause. In addition, unlike taking pain killers and other drugs, acupuncture for arthritis is not a temporary solution. With the right combination of acupuncture therapy and lifestyle choices, acupuncture has proven to provide lasting benefits for medical conditions like arthritis.

What is the Acupuncture for Arthritis Treatment Process Like?

A medical practitioner uses an array of very fine metal needles to interact with your nervous system. Each needle is placed at a specific point in the body for optimal communication; the small electrical pulses are then channeled through these needles to help you manage your body's internal communication capabilities. The needles are also manipulated by the hands of an expert acupuncture practitioner to further enhance the process. The needles remain at the site of treatment for anywhere between twenty minutes and an hour.

Does Acupuncture for Arthritis Hurt?

When the needles are first inserted, you can expect to experience a feeling that ranges from a gentle poke to a soft pinch. After this, you may or may not be able to feel the needles in place, but there will be no pain at the site of treatment. As the treatment progresses, you may experience feelings of warmth, numbness, itchiness, heaviness or nothing at all.

Acupuncture treatment could be the key for you to get from underneath of the burden that arthritis is causing you. This is one of several noninvasive medical treatments that provide long-term benefits for those suffering from arthritic conditions. To learn more, contact our team of experts at the Chiro-Med Rehab Centre.

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