Considering Your Options for Back Pain Relief Treatment


Back pain can really slow you down and turn any task into an obstacle. Relieving that pain will allow you to go about your day, so knowing what options you have for back pain relief treatment is very important. Here are some of the options you can choose from to treat your back pain:

  1. At-Home Relief MethodsRest
    When you have back pain it is important to rest your muscles so that they are not strained.
    Ice or heat
    Choose whatever is most comfortable for you. Both heat and ice will break up the pain-spasm in your back.
    Anti-inflammatory drug
    Take an anti-inflammatory to help reduce the inflammation and pain in your back (please consult with your physician first). Follow with applying heat or ice to the area to soothe muscles and tissue.
  2. Physiotherapy
    Physiotherapy employs many methods that will help relieve your back pain. A therapeutic ultrasound will help with healing the muscle tissue, and massage therapy will help in targeting the painful areas where the muscles are tight. As well, you can receive controlled application of heat to soothe the pain.By visiting a physiotherapist on a regular basis you can heal your back pain over time with a customized treatment plan. A professional physiotherapist is trained in identifying where your pain is stemming from and can determine the best methods for healing your back pain.
  3. Prescribed Medication
    If the pain persists and it is difficult to manage, your doctor or physiotherapist may prescribe you a pain medication that can help reduce your discomfort and let you go on with your daily routine. Your doctor may also suggest a strong anti-inflammatory/pain medicine or a combination of other medications. In order to get the right dosage and prescription, be honest with your doctor and communicate your problems by understanding the level of pain you have and how long the pain persists for.

If you are concerned about your persistent back pain and are looking for relief, contact the team at Chiro-Med. Our physiotherapy specialists can put together a custom treatment plan to start relieving your back pain.

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