The Best Treatment for Osteoarthritis (OA) Knee Pain

Osteoarthritis of the knee is often an irreversible and degenerative condition. Two processes are most commonly involved. The cartilage in the joints breaks down and osteophytes or abnormal bony growths, also known as bone spurs, develop. This leads to stiffness, joint pain, and abnormal joint function. Early treatment interventions can be beneficial. Let’s explore your best options available from the Richmond Hill Chiro-Med Rehab Centre.


Our first step is to explore the biomechanical issues that may be contributing to the osteoarthritis knee pain. Then we can develop a graduated program of knee strengthening and stretching exercises that will support the knee joints through greater flexibility and develop the muscles around the knee in order to build those muscles and reduce the cartilage loss. Once you have a regular routine in place, you can perform the exercises at home.

Modifying Your Exercise Routine

It’s important for our physiotherapist to understand your lifestyle and exercise routines. Regular exercise remains important for those who suffer osteoarthritis knee pain, but you may need to modify the kinds of activities you choose to do. For example, we would recommend that swimming and cycling are both great forms of activity that place less pressure on your knees than walking or running. If your pain is limiting the type of activity you usually do, it’s time to make a change, not abandon exercise altogether. Weight loss is also an important factor in modifying your lifestyle as extra weight carried means more stress on your body and especially on your knees.

Moist Heat Therapy and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold water therapy is a simple and effective treatment for osteoarthritis. Moist Heat Therapy increases the blood flow in injured areas and aids in reducing pain. This allows the joints to loosen and make activity less difficult. Alternatively, Cold Therapy decreases swelling and provides immediate pain relief. Both of these treatments are temporary and used in conjunction with other treatments.


Your feet have a critical connection to your knees and are the one connection between your body and the ground. Using a custom orthotic can offer extra support and cushion for your feet that then translates to less pressure on the joints in your knees. We observe your posture, gait, and food shape to design an orthotic that will enhance your lifestyle and the activity that you are able to do. We also offer elastic knee braces to support the knee joint and allow more range of movement.

Early treatment and interventions can help you reduce and manage the pain of osteoarthritis. The goal is to avoid knee surgery by offering you alternatives that work with your lifestyle. Contact the Richmond Hill Chiro-Med Rehab Centre to begin a course of treatments that will give you greater mobility and comfort.

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