How a Therapeutic Ultrasound Can Speed Up Healing

Therapeutic ultrasound makes use of ultrasonic waves to accelerate healing. Apart from relieving pain, this form of therapy has also been proven to help in repairing damaged tissue, increase blood flow to the affected area and to breakdown scar tissue. Increased blood flow reduces swelling and chronic inflammation; some studies suggest that it can even accelerate the healing of fractured bones. The metabolism of soft tissue cells is also affected, with cells becoming more receptive to healing fluids which increase as blood flow increases.

During a session, ultrasonic waves are transmitted onto the problem area using a round-headed wand or probe. The waves pass through the skin which causes tissue to vibrate. The vibration heats the affected area internally, however this won't be noticeable to the patient at all. This technique helps to increase blood flow in the area, cause tissue relaxation, and reduce swelling and inflammation.

Pre Ultrasound Therapy

Before this form of therapy was used, one treatment option that was recommended was the use of heat packs. The heat they generate on a problem area loosens the nearby muscles and allows them to relax, which soothes cramps, pain, aches, tension and stiffness. Heat also increases blood flow which has beneficial effects for stiff muscles. The limitation with heat packs is that the relief is short-lived, and requires a constant rotation of new packs to stay heated.

Other alternatives to therapeutic ultrasounds include techniques such as massages and pain medication. Though massages can be effective in some cases, they are not successful for all issues; they also may cause further pain to damaged areas. Pain killers and medications are also only temporary solution, and with long term use the body will inevitably build up a tolerance to these solutions.

Fast and Effective

There are many reasons why therapeutic ultrasounds are significantly more effective than their other options. Ultrasound wants come in different sizes and frequencies, so the intensity of vibrations can change from one patient to another. The deep heat that is created in these ultrasounds is also beneficial in allowing muscles to stretch farther and overcome stiffness. Overtime, the vibrations of therapeutic ultrasounds also have a beneficial effect on scar tissue. The vibrations work to break down the tough proteins that allow scar tissue to form, and help to avoid scar tissue in the future.

Conditions such as phantom limb pain and osteoarthritis benefit from deeper heat. Other conditions that are commonly treated with these ultrasounds include tendonitis, muscle spasms and non-acute swelling of a joint.

High Quality Therapeutic Ultrasound

If you’re ready to learn more about therapeutic ultrasounds, or want to find out if this technique will work for you, contact us at Chiro-Med today!

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