The Whiplash Treatment Methods at Chiro-Med

Car accidents, falls, sports injuries and similar incidents often result in whiplash. When whiplash occurs, it can be difficult to walk, stand, sit or even lay in your own bed. This is because whiplash is not just a jolt, and it causes serious damage to your bones, joints, muscles and other soft tissues. The key to full recovery from whiplash injury is proper treatment. At Chiro-Med, a combination of treatments is used to create a faster, more effective whiplash treatment solution. This includes the following:

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is a critical step for comprehensive whiplash treatment. Whiplash causes inflammation at the site affected, which constricts blood flow and ultimately makes it more difficult for your body to recover. Cold therapy also relaxes the nerves at the site of treatment, so it reduces the pain. The significant reduction in inflammation and pain associated with cold therapy also reduces the need for side-effect laden medicines such as anti-inflammatories and pain killers.

Chiropractic Manipulation

The trauma caused by whiplash often contorts the spine in ways that normally require years of stress to induce. This is one of the primary causes of long-term physical issues associated with whiplash. Chiropractic manipulation gently realigns your spine and non-spinal joints within your body to alleviate these problems. In addition to only using a professional chiropractor to get the job done, the key to effective chiropractic manipulation is consistency. This is for two reasons: first, a skeleton traumatized by whiplash must be adjusted incrementally in order to ensure success; second, your body naturally undergoes stresses that counteract proper skeletal alignment.

Electric Muscle Stimulation

Whiplash causes a significant amount of damage to the soft tissue surrounding your spine. The disruption caused by this damage makes it difficult for muscles in the area to properly contract on their own, meaning your body struggles to maintain structural stability, causing pain, inflammation and muscle spasms. Electric muscle stimulation incites your muscles to contract the way that they are supposed to so that strength is enhanced and muscle control is restored.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

A sudden traumatic injury like whiplash can cause your muscles to become tight at the site of the injury. This is a natural reflex that your body has in an effort to protect itself, but this also harms your body's ability to heal itself. Therapeutic ultrasound gently massages deeply into your muscles and the surrounding tissues to relax your muscles and promote blood flow.

Soft Tissue and Muscle Stretching

As your body heals after a whiplash incident, new tissue grows at the site of the trauma. This new tissue has a limited range of motion, because it has not developed the flexibility needed to go about your daily life. This is especially true for scar tissue, which often causes pain when you try to move or stretch it. Having your body stretched by a professional as a part of your whiplash treatment allows your newly formed tissues to gain the elasticity you need, without any sudden stiffness or pain.

The Sooner Your Treatment Starts, The Faster You Recover

Whiplash treatment is much more effective when you get started as soon as you can after the injury. To get your treatment started or to learn more about the types of whiplash treatments that would be best for you, contact us at Chiro-Med today for a free consultation.

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