How to Tell if Your Chiropractor is the Best Chiropractor for You


Body pain can really slow you down, and the wrong chiropractor won’t help speed up your healing time. It is important to make sure that your chiropractor is the best chiropractor for you. Taking the time to find the right match can help speed up your recovery time due to improved communication, symmetry in the goals for your recovery and a more pleasant experience overall.

So how do you tell, which is the best chiropractor for you? Here are some tips for your search:

1.      What are you most comfortable with?

Chiropractic treatment typically uses a “hands on” approach. You should decide before hand if you are more comfortable with a female or male doctor. In doing so you will be more open to the treatment, feel more comfortable at visits and be able to communicate better with your doctor.

2.      Get recommendations

A good place to start in finding a chiropractor is by asking your family doctor and/or friends and family for whom they have seen in the past and trust. By asking people that you trust, you will be able to hear an honest answer as to the good and bad and therefore, be able to make an educated decision.

3.      Ask your chiropractor the right questions

a.      What chiropractic techniques do they use and why?

There are many techniques that a chiropractor can use. Ask around and see which you feel most comfortable with.

b.      Does the chiropractor use low-force or joint-popping adjustments?

Knowing what level of force you want will help make your visits more enjoyable and relaxed.

c.       What is the chiropractor’s experience with patients like you?

A chiropractor that has lots of experience with your specific condition would be a better match for you than one that has never treated your injury. Their knowledge and experience will help you develop trust quickly.

4.      The connection

Make sure you feel comfortable with your chiropractor. You will be spending a lot of time with them during your treatment so if you do not feel a good connection from the start, keep looking around.

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