How Physiotherapy Can Relieve Your Head Pain

Head pain is a daily occurrence for many people and can interfere with the ability to do your job, perform everyday tasks, and generally enjoy life. There is a wide spectrum of reasons individuals may experience head pain. However, the link between physiotherapy and head pain has been firmly established, and the medical community is beginning to give greater research time and attention to the very common and distressing phenomenon of head pain.

Common Types of Head Pain

There are a variety of different head pains you may experience. The most common is known as a primary headache and can be chronic or episodic. With this type of a headache, the pain in your head is the problem and cannot be attributed to other causes that your body is dealing with. Tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraines are counted among primary headaches.

Secondary headaches are an indication that something is not right in your body and may become chronic. Sinus or allergy headaches are often attributed to environmental factors like animals or seasonal changes. These are the forms of head pain most often misdiagnosed and may actually often be classified as migraines.

There are hormone headaches, caffeine headaches, exertion headaches, hypertension headaches, and rebound headaches which are characterized by a dull, tension-like head pain that is often a side effect of over the counter pain relievers if used on a regular basis. Post-traumatic headaches most commonly occur when there has been a head injury.

The Healing Power of Physiotherapy

A cervicogenic headache originates from the neck and is one of the most common forms of head pain. Posture, prolonged use, and traumatic injury are all factors which can contribute to this type of head pain. Placing pressure on your neck through the joints, muscles, nerves, and ligaments can contribute to a cervicogenic headache.

In order to relieve the pain, our team at Chiro-Med Rehab Centre will concentrate on the facet joints of your upper neck and back, through gentle massage and mobilization. Each headache is different, and there are specific pressure points we will target to help alleviate the pain.

Solutions for You

Part of your treatment involves your physiotherapist understanding the underlying causes of your head pain. Root causes can be as simple as dehydration, the way you work at your desk, previous neck trauma or inappropriate sleeping postures. We endeavor to alleviate your pain through a thorough examination of both your body and your lifestyle. Guided by this information, we can offer relief for your head pain and get you back on track to living your best life. Contact Chiro-Med Rehab Centre today to speak with a physiotherapist in Richmond Hill and put an end to your head pain for good.

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